Niceland Seafood

Niceland Seafood is the first turn-key provider of fresh
Icelandic fish to offer full traceability from “sea-to-pan.”

Despite being a small and remote country in the middle of the North Atlan8c, Iceland is leading the world in sustainable fisheries. Government mandated data collec8on systems and the implementa8on of cu@ng-edge fish processing technologies minimize 8me and waste. Fisheries management in Icelandic waters is transparent, and factors catch limita8ons through individual transferable quotas (ITQs). Iceland’s Marine and Freshwater Research Ins8tute uses a research-based management approach, which has allowed the Icelandic fishing industry to become a global leader in sustainability. Traceability, sustainability, and innova8on are values Niceland Seafood shares with millennial consumers, enterprising retailers, and distributors.

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